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International professional meeting in Prague

One of the main objectives of the National Laboratory of Human Reproduction of the University of Pécs (PTE) is to further increase its application activity this year as well. In 2023, we are working on compiling and submitting a joint tender with the Prague-based Leaf company. Our employees participated in a two-day professional meeting in Prague, where the following topics were jointly discussed:

• the main focuses of the proposed application,

• the division of labor between the participants during the preparation and implementation of the application,

• defining the WPs and developing their professional content,

• essential points of the needs analysis,

• commitment indicators.

The main goal of the project is the development of an ecosystem that aims to improve access to health services and to support this, it prepares the development and wide application of technological solutions. The participants in the project aim at health innovation and the development of the related regulatory environment. The goal is also to establish a common professional network, which can be the basis for many joint applications and collaborations in the future. The project is in line with the objectives of Hungary's overall health industry strategy, with regard to the eight health pillars defined therein, namely biotechnology, e-health, and genomics.